If you plan to import/export goods packed in wooden materials (pallets, crates, dunnages, etc) you should be aware of International Standard for Phitosanitary Measures (ISPM 15) regulations.

According to ISPM 15 all packaging materials of a thickness greater than 6 cm made of unprocessed raw wood originating from third countries (other than Swiss Confederation) should:

  • be made from rounded, debarked wood (ISPM15),
  • have undergone one of the treatment described in ISPM 15,
  • be branded with the seal of compliance (see picture below) with the ISPM 15 which must include:
  • XX – ISO two letter code of the country of orgin e.g. Australia – AU, Germany – DE, etc.,
  • 000 – code of the producer,
  • YY – code of the wood treatment e.g. heat treatmet HT, klin-drying KD, chemical pressure impregnation CPI, fumigated with methyl bromide MB,
  • IPPC symbol (International Plant Protection Convention).

Packaging made of materials like paper, plastic, wood panel products (e.g. OSB, hardboard, plywood) are not subjected to the above mentioned ISPM 15 regulations.


An examle of the stamp

opakowanie wzor