We offer new and modern logistic warehouses at the area of the port in Gdynia and Gdańsk and also in Pruszków near Warsaw.
The advantages of the convenient location near major ports in Poland (port-centric logistic) are:

  • goods distribution right from the port of destination,
  • significant reduction of reloading operations,
  • time and cost saving.

In each of our warehouses we offer:
– complete choice of warehousing services,
– long-term and short-term warehousing,
– bonded storage and bonded warehousing,
– food and fodder products storage,
– animal-orgin products (not requiring controlled tep.) are permited for storage at our warehouse in Gdynia.

Our warehouses:

Gdynia Warehouse – 12.000 m² Port of Gdynia
ul. Logistyczna 4, 81-155 Gdynia
Bonded warehousing permit:
PLTST321000190020 – Customs Office PL322010.

Gdańsk Warehouse – 7.000 m² Port of Gdańsk near DCT (Deepwater Container Terminal)
ul. Kontenerowa 21, 80-601 Gdańsk
Bonded warehousing permit:
PLTST322000190011 – Customs Office PL322080.

Pruszków Warehouse – 5.000 m² next to Customs Office in Pruszków near Warsaw
ul. Żytnia 67, 05-800 Pruszków
Bonded warehousing permit:
PLTST445000190011 – Customs Office PL445010.

Are your goods insured? – We can provide cargo insurance for your shipment at your request.

Why us:
– 31 years of experience in international freight forwarding and logistics,
– we are one of the biggest and most qualified customs agencies in the north of Poland,
– we are a member of the most prestigious freight forwarding and logistic associations: PISiL, FIATA and WCA,
– we have been awarded AEO, ISO and WSK Certificates – WSK Certificate authorizes us to transport military and strategic cargo,
– we offer our own customs warehouses and bonded storages at the area of the port in Gdynia and Gdańsk and also in Pruszków near Warsaw.


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    Why us?



    Experience in international transport and logistics.


    We offer new logistic warehouses at the area of the ports in Gdynia an Gdańsk and also in Pruszków (near Warsaw).

    customs agency

    We customs clear goods under all procedures.





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